Stora Enso’s Energy Hunters

Project description

As an energy-intensive business, Stora Enso also has the potential to realise energy savings that reduce both CO2 emissions and financial costs. In 2008, Stora Enso nominated a group of energy experts to identify efficiency improvements at our European mills. The project turned out successful, and soon expanded to a permanent global operation.

Project purpose

The team, called Energy Hunters, is tasked with systematically challenging and supporting Stora Enso mills to use energy as efficiently as possible.
This helps our facilities fulfil the requirements of the ISO 50001 energy management system, supports our commitment to combat global warming, and brings financial savings.
Other tasks include reviewing energy-related projects, sharing best practices, running internal energy networks and energy saving campaigns, and conducting energy audits.

The Energy Hunters coordinate and assess investment proposals for Stora Enso’s Energy Efficiency Investment Fund; the team receives 60-100 proposals annually for projects improving energy efficiency, of which 30-50 are selected. The typical payback time for energy efficiency investments is one to two years, making this a high-priority investment category at Stora Enso.

Project evaluation

Energy efficiency investments are also a significant contributor to the decarbonisation of Stora Enso. The Energy Hunters recently received an internal award for their committed work, citing the value they have created for both the company and the environment.

Heinz Felder

SVP, Investment and Energy

Stora Enso was the first in our industry to set a science-based target, committing us to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Improving energy efficiency is the most effective way to reduce these emissions sustainably. The Energy Hunters make it possible for Stora Enso employees to be an active part of this work because we can finance small projects in a flexible way. Risto Mänttäri, Engineering Manager at Anjalankoski Mills in Finland: The team supports our mills’ energy efficiency work with their expertise, by sharing knowledge between mills and helping mills find their best investment opportunities. As many of the easy fixes have now been done, improving energy efficiency will become more challenging. The Energy Hunters can provide the more specific expertise needed for these future projects.


Main features:

CO2 Emissions saved (tCO2)

Between 2015 and 2018, an accumulated reduction of 129,000 tonnes, corresponding to an average car driving around the earth 17,000 times, or the annual average driving distance of around 45,000 cars.

Between 2015 and 2018, we also reached an accumulated annual energy reduction of 1.5 TWh, corresponding to the annual energy use of around 50,000 private houses in the Nordic region.