Reducing gas consumption through steam harmonization

Project Description

Ideal Cart S.p.A. designed and implemented a very efficient system to reduce emissions. Earlier, a gas turbine had provided electricity and steam to two machines. Changes to the production set-up eliminated one of the machines; which meant the turbine was only partially used, generating a thermic excess, and consequently hot fumes were leaking into the atmosphere.

In order to optimise that process, Ideal Cart decided to harness the excess fumes, significantly reducing gas consumption. A piping system now connects the turbine with the hood air system; the hot gases are also managed by a system of automatic closures, in order to harmonise steam production, hood activity and the constant pressure of the turbine. In addition, a further steam generator was installed on the hood drain to improve performance.

With this modification the two hood burners remain switched off for most of production, with huge economic benefits for the company.

This configuration reduces CO2 emissions by more than 10%, so that the entire system contributes to the site’s environmental sustainability in accordance with Ideal Cart’s corporate philosophy. The overall cost of the project was approximately €1.7 million. The results were in line with expectations, and in addition to the CO2 reduction, methane gas release was also reduced by more than 10%.

Luca Loccia

Mill Manager

“The project was born from the company’s strong commitment to reducing emissions. The global project envisaged a series of interventions in the production department, and, above all, the recovery of fumes from the gas turbine to feed the air system hoods.

The particular case of smoke recovery was exceptional, as we did a good job of transforming an unfavourable situation into a benefit for the environment and for the company. I think this intervention, under some special conditions, may be re-created in other situations as well. I would also add that the companies to which Ideal Cart supplies its finished product (CRC srl and Carind srl) have reduced emissions thanks to photovoltaic systems of about 460 kW cad.”

Main Features:

CO2 Emissions saved (tCO2)

2016/2015 = – 1234 tCO2


€1.7 million