Project Description

Reenergy+ inaugurates an autonomously controlled, integrated production model especially dedicated to paper mills and tissue companies, capable of guaranteeing important improvements in production efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Thanks to an innovative system that integrates the gas turbine inside the hood, Reenergy+ is the only plant that allows the recovery of exhaust fumes, reinserting them into the production cycle to use them for the paper drying phase. Reenergy+ is an autonomously guided, completely integrated system controlled by innovative software, managed by a team of specialised technicians who guarantee continuous 24h assistance anywhere in the world. Our system reduces emissions into the atmosphere by 80%.The basic project was created in 2014, and we promoted our system during an international exhibition.

Project Purpose

The paper producer will generate electricity for free without increasing gas consumption, saving a proportional quantity of CO2.

Project Evaluation

The Reenergy+ control system is capable of collecting all available energy data. The customer can check its efficiency status at any time.

The cost is proportional to daily production, and the payback period depends on local energy costs; indicatively it pays for itself within three years without any subsidies. It can be installed anywhere in the world and is already designed to work with hydrogen-powered turbines.

Poleschi Andrea

Vice President

The Renergy+ is dedicated to the battle against climate
change and to preserve the world’s energy resources.
To put this dedication into action, our goal is to provide:

  • The best approach to new energy solutions
  • Techniques that transform untapped energy into
  • Products that help reduce carbon emissions
  • Production that minimizes the load on the environment
    We use all our resources efficiently
  • We use high-quality raw materials
  • We provide end-of-life treatment recommendations
    for our products
  • Supply chain that is willing to act in a responsible way

We comply with legislation and are constantly challenging
ourselves. We are committed to continual environmental
improvement and sustainable development.

Main features:

CO2 Emissions saved (tCO2)
6,110 tonnes/year

4 million €

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