Norske Skog investing in new sustainable energy boiler in Austria: Green diversification and increased competitiveness

Project Description

Norske Skog is investing €72 million in a new waste-to- energy boiler at its paper mill in Bruck (Austria).The new boiler will replace the steam production of existing natural- gas-fired boilers used for paper operations, reducing fossil CO2 emissions by about 150,000 tonnes per year. In addition to supplying heat to the paper mill, the boiler will also provide steam to the district heating network in the city of Bruck. With an annual capacity of 160,000 tonnes of waste, the boiler will meet the increasing incineration demand within the EU and Austria for refusederived fuels (RDF) and sludge, and reduce the amount of material going to landfill.

Project Purpose

The boiler increases Norske Skog Bruck’s longterm competitiveness through energy saving, reduces its carbon footprint and diversifies its revenues by generating revenue from the combustion of RDF, rejects and sludge from the Austrian pulp & paper industry.

The boiler will provide Norske Skog Bruck’s industrial operations with cost-efficient and sustainable steam, and is an important stepping stone for further strategic and green investments at the Bruck site.

Project Evaluation

The investment decision of €72 million for the waste-to-energy boiler was taken by Norske Skog in June 2019. Construction of the boiler and related infrastructure are currently ongoing, all on budget, with start-up planned for the first half of 2022. The boiler operations will have a strong regional sourcing concept, with around 90% of RDF and sludge being sourced within 200km

Enzo Zadra

Managing Director Norske Skog Bruck

“This energy project is a perfect fit for several reasons,”
says Enzo Zadra, managing director of Norske Skog Bruck.
“It replaces fossil gas with energy produced from regional
RDF material, and hence represents a significant energy
saving and improved carbon footprint. It creates new,
diversified revenues for Norske Skog, while supporting
the EU’s ambition of reducing material going to landfill.
Locally, the new energy plant will create around 20 jobs at
the mill, but more importantly it represents a step-change
in our mill’s long-term competitiveness, which is important
for Norske Skog Bruck and all the stakeholders around
us. I’m pleased to see that the project is progressing very
well towards launch – safely, on time and on budget.”

Main features:

CO2 Emissions saved (tCO2)
Fossil CO2 emission reduced by 150,000 tonnes.

Investment of €72 million
Creates around 20 new permanent jobs

Strong local sourcing profile with around 90%
of the boiler’s fuel sourced from within 200 km.

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