Decarbonisation by investing in the modernisation of Mondi´s Štětí mill

Project Description

Over the past 10 years Mondi Group has invested more than €1 billion in modernising its operations. These projects have included a strong focus on improving energy efficiency and increasing the contribution of on-site renewable energy generation, helping us reduce annual CO2 emissions by 1.3 million tonnes by 2017, against a 2007 baseline.

A recent example is the €335 million investment in our pulp and paper mill in Štětí, Czech Republic. It includes the replacement of the recovery boiler, with projected benefits that include increased energy efficiency, electricity self-sufficiency and lower carbon intensity, as well as reduced emissions to air and water (including a significant reduction of SO2, TRS and AOX). The mill’s specific CO2 emissions will decrease by 13%.

Project Purpose

The Štětí project is fundamental to increasing production and significantly improving the mill’s environmental performance. It includes the reconstruction of fibre lines, debottlenecking of the existing packaging paper machines and a new recovery boiler. Together these projects will allow the mill to become energy self-sufficient, reducing its costs and environmental footprint.

As we are increasing our market pulp production we are able to use excess heat in the energy-intensive market pulp drying process, as well as in our bleaching process, to further decrease AOX emissions in the effluent. The mill’s total saleable production volume will be increased by 55,000 tonnes a year, and the annual market pulp capacity by 90,000 tonnes.

Project Evaluation

The investment will secure around 1,500 existing jobs in the Ústí region and create new ones. Importantly, the new recovery boiler, expected to start up in late 2018, will not only improve energy efficiency and significantly reduce GHG emissions, but will reduce malodorous gases by collecting them more efficiently and combusting them in the new boiler.

Roman Senecky

Managing Director

Our ambitious vision is to secure our position as ‘Europe’s Speciality and Sack Kraft Paper capital’.

Ecoflex is the umbrella name for all the steps we will be taking to achieve this goal. The first important project milestones include modernising and preparing Štětí’s infrastructure to strengthen the set-up of the mill, which will ultimately increase paper production levels. With stateofthe-art technology, which will enable environmentally friendly production, the investment project will have a positive impact on the region’s economic development, with many local contractors involved in the construction period.

The ecoflex project will ultimately offer the mill and our employees production stability and potential for further growth, while continuing the nearly 70-year tradition of paper production in Štětí.

Main features:

CO2 Emissions saved (tCO2)

The mill´s specific CO2 emissions will decrease by 13%


€335 million