Energy Solutions Forum

Project Description

Cepi launched the Energy Solutions Forum (ESF) in January 2020. It is an informal multi-stakeholder industry platform which focuses on finding and communicating about solutions to reach zero fossil emissions in the paper industry while remaining globally competitive. This is done through: Facilitating the exchange of knowledge and expertise; identify the relevant technologies to be developed and integrated; ensuring the crucial R&D&I topics are included in European R&D calls; to assist technology developers and suppliers in demonstrating innovative technologies and to accelerate their implementation; and to create a stimulating environment by remove any nontechnological hurdles in policy and legislations.

Project Purpose

The pulp and paper industry aims to reach the 2030 carbon reduction goal and European carbon neutrality in 2050. This requires the development and implementation of energyefficient technologies and carbon-neutral energy sources in our production processes.

Which technologies are possible? Where in the process can the largest savings be made? How can these innovations be implemented, while at the same time remaining financially healthy and competitive? The ESF supports the industry in answering these questions.

Project Evaluation

The ESF discussions have led to Cepi dedicated competition guidelines on innovation facilitating the exchange of knowledge in the regular ESF Platform meetings. ESF Toolkit meetings are organised monthly to educate about existing tools and technologies. Other ESF meetings are dedicated to experience and technology sharing of specific innovative energy-saving or carbon saving technologies and concepts. Any stakeholder in the paper industry value-chain willing to offer its expertise to help the sector moving forward is welcomed.

Annita Westenbroek

Energy Innovations Manager, Cepi

In the Energy Solutions Forum information and expertise
is shared on solutions and conditions for realising the
challenging objective of a carbon neutral pulp and paper
industry in Europe. This is not about our traditional
innovations and gradual improvements, but about a big
leap forward. A leap that cannot be taken without sectoral
cooperation and support.

The forum assists the industry to keep track on the
exponential technological progress and the available
support tools. The involved technology developers
become aware of the required (breakthrough) technologies
and the sector’s willingness to change, support and
invest in it. And the forum helps Cepi to identify the
non-technological hurdles that requiring advocacy on
European level.