New steel yankee dryer: energy and CO2 reduction

Project Description

Essity is a leading global hygiene and health company. We are dedicated to improving wellbeing through our products and services. At our Belgium site, Essity produces toilet paper and facial products, with an integrated cycle that starts from virgin pulp.

For many years, we have been introducing comprehensive measures to reduce CO2 emissions and to increase overall energy efficiency. To reach these ambitious goals, we have created an energy and material saving program (the MESave Program) with the aim of optimising energy consumption and reducing material waste, in full compliance with the circular economy philosophy. One of our main projects, recently completed, is the installation of a new dryer cylinder on our paper machine number 2, which makes toilet paper. Essity Belgium chose to install a new-generation dryer cylinder: the Steel Yankee Dryer (TT SYD). The SYD transmits the heat to the paper sheet more efficiently than the old cast-iron cylinders, reducing the loss of energy in the steam loop.

Thanks to this new technology, Essity has reduced the amount of natural gas used for heating the air in the hoods, reducing the machine’s CO2 emissions by 25%.

Project Purpose

Increase the paper machine’s efficiency, reducing the environmental impact of toilet paper production.

Project Evaluation

The implementation of SYD has increased the paper machine’s efficiency, reducing energy consumption by 6%. Furthermore, thanks to this project, Essity cut the entire mill’s annual CO2 emissions by 5%.

Federico Rizza

Essity Belgium SA/NV Energy Manager

In a paper machine the Yankee cylinder is the core of
the drying process. It represents more than 50% of the
thermal energy used in the paper production and it is an
equipment with a very long lifetime (up to 40 years). The
choice of the right technology has definitely an impact
on the energy consumption for the next decades. This
is the reason why we have chosen an energy efficient
Steel Yankee dryer, giving a huge contribution to our
decarbonization journey.

Main features:

several million euros

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