Project Description

Eco-friendly consumers and tightening legislation are pushing takeaway food companies to consider alternatives to plastic containers. The EU is banning single-use plastic products starting with the most typical marine litter, such as straws and cutlery, in 2021. Member states will also have to find ways to reduce the use of plastic food containers and drinks cups. Various countries all over the world are planning to impose taxes on single-use plastics.

Project Evaluation

During 2020, Stora Enso started production in Sweden of ready-made formed fibre single-use packages. The products are produced directly from pulp using a thermoforming technology where pulp is pressed directly into its final shape. The raw material used is wood pulp from sustainably managed forests in Scandinavia. PureFiber™ by Stora Enso is Stora Enso’s next generation of formed fibre eco-products. The products can be made in almost any shape where today conventional PE, PET and other plastics are used. That means PureFiber™ can be used in a wide range of applications including single-use food packaging items such as plastic-free cups, bowls, clamshells, plates and coffee cup lids.

Project Purpose

These products promote food safety by having a transparent supply chain, offering plastic-free and PFAS-free products. They are produced in Sweden with 100% fossil-free electricity, using local sourcing of raw material, short transport routes of raw material and creation of job opportunities in Europe. Stora Enso’s PureFiber™ products can either be recycled or composted after use. A critically reviewed LCA study shows that the PureFiber™ product line enables an approximately 75% lower CO2 footprint compared to alternative packaging materials such as plastic or bagasse

Annica Rasch

Sales and Marketing Director of
Formed Fiber products at Stora Enso

“The vast majority of takeaway packaging is still made
of plastics, but some food companies want to give
up all plastics, and others want to reduce their use.
Either way, sustainable packaging will be essential for
their future businesses,” says Annica Rasch, Sales and
Marketing Director of Formed Fiber products at Stora
Enso. According to Rasch, PureFiber™ products have
already proven recyclable and biodegradable. That means
clean products can be recycled with cardboard. As to
biodegradability, the key questions are how long it will
take for the material to decompose, and whether it will
require an industrial composting facility.
Stora Enso sells its formed fibre products directly to
brand owners and wholesalers. In the Nordic countries
Stora Enso works with wholesaler Tingstad, which sells
PureFiber™ food bowls directly to customers in the fastfood

Main features:

CO2 Emissions saved (tCO2)
23,500 tCO2/year

€5 million

Tingstad and HS Manufacturing Group